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An Elite travel companion unlike any other. Equipped with a smile, a US Passport, and a special treat below the belt, this sweet little vixen is here to delight and excite !

An artist and a deeply compassionate healer in the core of My heart, born to create in a multitude of mediums.  Highly skilled at reading bodies, understanding the wants, needs, and desires that come with the attraction to the mysterious darkness inside of us all.


Education: Bachelor of Science in the Health field – I specialized in sex and sexuality for My minor, writing on the creation of sexual identification, development of kinks and sexual gratification.

I highly enjoy sharing the knowledge I have acquired and can spend hours discussing these subjects at length.

I’m currently looking to learn more about running a solo business and stock market trading.

Perhaps give Me tips on what stocks to pick as we grow together ?


I bring a bold new flavor that’s accompanied by a sweet kick of heat in the kitchen.

Can you tell that I love to cook and bake ?

If you know how to cook, or are looking to learn more, I’m highly skilled at playing Chef or sous-chef.

I love anyone that can make Me laugh! I have a great sense of humor and enjoy creating inside jokes that only we know the meaning of.

A bit more on being transgender….


Since a young age I knew that I wanted to be the powerful woman that I was always meant to be.

When I was finally old enough to make the decision to take hormones and become a girl, no doctor took Me seriously enough to write Me a prescription for estrogen.

So I took I took fate into My own hands and purchased My own medication.

I started transitioning at the age of 19, taking My very first dose of hormones on Valentine’s Day many years ago.

I now pass effortlessly !

Ready to go wherever the world may take Me.

Although I have been transitioning for several years now, rest assured, everything still works and I love to use what I was born with.

Physical Description

Height: 5’7” – Age: Late-20’s – Hair: Black – Eyes: Hazel – Dress Size: 8 – Endowment: Well endowed

Body Modifications: Two vertical tongue piercings, stretched earlobes, Prince Albert piercing. Two hip tattoos and one tattoo on My arm.

Nationality: Irish – Location: Worldwide – Fly Me to You – Currently: Baltimore and DC – Maryland

How I spend My free time

Drawing / Writing, Video Creation, Photography, Exercise (Jogging and weight training)

Food I love

Fresh Fruits, Rice Noodles, Scallops, oysters, and all kinds of seafood, Sushi (Let’s make it spicy!), Steak, Taro, Anything new / exciting !

Activities we can enjoy together

Fine Dining / Dinner, Museum Dates, Golf / Driving Range, Shooting Range (with established prior connection), Scenic Tours, Wine / Spirit tasting

Gifts I adore

Armani Exchange Gift Cards, Air Jordan’s (Women’s size 10, Men’s size 8), Dresses (typically size 8), Cuban Link Chains, Franko Chains or wristlets, Tennis Chain or Wristlets, Starbucks / Dunkin’ Gift Cards, Uber / lyft Gift cards

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